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Welcome to Troo Insight.

Your Digital Energy Manager At Your Fingertips!

In today’s crazy energy market, savvy businesses need energy management software to drive down usage and costs.

With the ever-rising energy market and the carbon reduction deadlines, the energy you don’t use is always the cheapest.

Troo can now offer all clients the option to assess, manage and monitor their energy usage across one or multiple sites free of charge.  

Troo insight (energy management software) enables you to roll out cost-saving measures using the latest technology. 

The really clever bit is, once installed, it automatically knows your previous consumption patterns so you can make informed decisions from day one.

About Troo Insight

VISIBILITY- Shining a spotlight on your energy consumption with an easy-to-use dashboard available on all devices, so you can access your energy data anywhere at any time.

COST CONTROL – Cheapest energy is the energy you don’t use; it allows you to monitor your energy usage and see in real time your savings.

SUSTAINABILITY- Enabling you to become carbon neutral by 2050 via monitoring energy consumption and put measures in place to reduce it.

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