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troo insight: Energy management software that works



The Importance of Energy Management Software

In today’s crazy energy market, savvy businesses need energy management software to drive down usage and costs.

With the ever-rising costs and the carbon reduction deadlines, the energy you don’t use is the cheapest.

Troo is offering all clients the option to assess, manage and monitor their energy usage across one or multiple sites free of  charge.  Troo insight (energy management software) enables you to roll out cost-saving measures using the latest technology. 

The really clever bit is, once installed, it automatically knows your previous consumption patterns so you can make informed decisions form day one.

The platform delivers in three key areas:


Troo insight is a web-based platform that gives businesses clear visability into their utility usage. It allows the user to assess, manage and monitor their utility usage 24/7, whether with one site or multiple sites. 

The energy management software allows businesses to view their energy data via desktop and even mobiles. The flexibility allows you to have access to everything you need on the move. 

The platform also enables you to monitor usage, set targets, or determine how much power you consume even when the site is closed.

Cost Control

Troo insight allows you to understand your energy performance in seconds. 

At a glance, the platform effortlessly displays your energy usage over the last seven days, giving you complete visibility energy consumption and any potential savings. 

With the energy market currently at an all-time high, can you afford not to know where you are spending?

Troo insight will allow you to drill down to circuit level showing the cost per machine, floor or building. The platform easily enables target setting and displays real time opportunities for savings.


 The platform calculates your current carbon footprint, including the last twelve months and forecasted year ahead. This gives you peace of mind that you are on track to meet the net-zero government target by 2050 and helping with your energy audits

If your business is currently subject to environmental, social and governance reporting (ESG reporting) or is looking to roll it out in the future, troo insight will be invaluable. The platform will accurately calculate your  current energy carbon footprint and monitor your measures to reduce.  

troo insight

Troo insight is an essential tool to drive down energy usage and ultimately cost. Given the ever increasing costs of energy any reduction in usage is by far the best way to control costs and minimise environmental impact.

Troo insight delivers real time usage across multiple platforms enabling a business to see where and when energy is being used. If you are serious about reducing your costs and increasing your sustainability then troo insight is the tool you need.

Troo insight is your own in-house digital energy manager and is free to all troo clients. 

If you would like to book a demo with one of our energy managers, please contact  0808 164 2222. 


Author:  Natalie Bewick


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