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Why use troo?



troocost.com is a business energy benchmarking platform that allows SMEs to get the best possible prices for their gas and electricity.

There are currently three ways to renew your business energy

Renew with your supplier.
An easy option, but how do you know the prices you have are the lowest they could possibly be?

Use an energy broker.
A sensible option at face value but how do you know the broker has presented you with the best prices? Brokers will give you a tariff that includes their fee hidden it. Let’s think about that for a minute, every time you turn on a light or use a pc you are paying a broker a percentage of the cost until the contract comes to an end. And the worst part is most brokers will not even tell you what their fee is, leaving you to guess.

Find a price yourself.
Possibly the best option but not necessarily the easiest.

The price you receive can be affected by a lot of things. Take a look at our recent blog here, What can affect energy prices. Your location, meter type, consumption, credit score, type of industry all can affect.

Then there is the problem of calculating the actual cost in a simple format to allow you to compare. Standing charges, day rates, weekend rates, feed-in tariffs etc. can all make the task very confusing.

There is a simpler way….

Business Energy Benchmarking with troo

Using troocost.com is an easy solution to these problems.

All we need is your latest bill or renewal notice, and you will get access to a list of supplier prices direct.

No funny business, no hidden rates just the base prices for your supply.

So that means as soon as you get a price from a supplier or broker your first port of call should be to check it with troocost.com. Worst case is it proves you have a fair price, best case you save 30% like most of our customers.

troocost.com keep business energy prices honest.

Join the revolution today.

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