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Trust in the energy market



Trust in the energy market:  The troo difference.

A small word with a colossal meaning, particular if you are in business, especially  in the energy market. So what does trust in the energy market mean to troo and its customers?


The energy market is currently going through a transition, with businesses suffering the effects of the Covid pandemic and energy prices constantly rising. Recent surveys have shown trust in the energy market is at an all-time low, with energy companies achieving a collective net promoter score of -10.


It doesn’t stop there; OFGEM has been conducting a review into energy for Microbusinesses. A myriad of claims companies have set up to look at alleged misselling to UK businesses, and  there is still no code of conduct for commercial energy brokers.


Given this background, it’s not surprising that UK business finds that whole energy landscape confusing.  It’s not too much to ask that you  get advice on what your options are at renewal time. It would help if you had someone that is genuinely fighting your corner. A partner that watches your back and, more importantly, tells you how much their services are going to cost. A partner with you throughout the contract, checking your bills, answering your queries so that you can run your business.


The troo difference


Troo is built around three fundamental beliefs:


  • FAIR PRICE: We have access to over 27 suppliers. troo covers most of the market, ensuring you get a tariff that suits your needs


  • TRANSPARENCY: We always disclose our fee so you can assess the value of the services we provide


  • TROO ASSURE: A full aftercare service, checking your bill, answering your questions, solving your problems. The service your energy supplier or broker should be delivering.


The Future?


The energy market can be a very confusing and complicated place. As a business owner, you need a partner that can cut through the noise and give you sound advice. We believe regulation will come; too many energy brokers bend the rules, hide commissions, and lead customers with incorrect advice. We think it’s better to lead than follow and operate as if the market is already regulated. We believe in putting the customer first and earning our fee by continuing to deliver a first-class service through the contract, not just at renewal time.


If you feel you are not getting the service or the transparency you deserve, call today at 0808 164 2222. Trust is such an important word in business, and here at troo, we live by it.

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