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The mindset you need for your business to excel



Running a business is hard work and many businesses fail in less than twelve months. What kind of business mindset do you need to keep your organisation afloat and have fun doing it?

We’ve worked with a lot of successful business owners over the years, and they all have a few common traits. Check out the key business mindset traits we’ve identified that seem to lead to success.

Your business mindset is key to success

Be Stubborn

All successful business people have similar traits and one of them is stubbornness, the single-minded determination to stick with the task at hand and see it through. It’s a mindset that needs focus, the ability to find a set of principles you truly believe in and stick to them no matter what. If you can find them, they will deliver you an instant natural competitive advantage. They’ll also supply you with a winning hand regardless of relative skill, experience or intellect.

Push yourself and have fun

The day to day cut and thrust of running a business can take it out of anybody, no matter how positive you are. Staffing issues, tax, sales, controlling cost etc can all take a toll and get on top of you. One way to maintain a healthy perspective is to view business as a game. One way to keep the game fresh and challenging is to never completely settle in, always try to be better.

This constant push to be bigger and better makes the game fun. If you are having fun playing the game, you will get better at it and your business will improve. This, of course, assumes that you have the ability for some serious introspection, the ability to be able to ask yourself, what am I good at? What could I do better? How do I overcome the problems before me? This will take practice, but the dividends that form this approach are numerous. Stretching yourself will not only help your business flourish but will lead you to enjoy your tasks.

Keep Work in Perspective

Running your own business can often lead to long hours. You slowly get sucked into becoming what some would describe as a workaholic. To live and die for your business may seem like the mindset of a winner, but it is important to maintain a correct work-life balance. Work needs to be seen as a distant second to what is really important in life: family and friends.

Taking life too seriously results in an inability to see work as a game. As a result, the player can become too obvious, one-dimensional and predictable. Having other things in your life makes it possible to gain the necessary detachment to view business as a game and play it well.

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