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Benchmark your business energy prices now or get a cold shock



This weekend we saw some of the worst weather for a while across the UK with plummeting temperatures, as business energy prices soar. The cold clearly has an impact on businesses keeping their building at a comfortable temperature for staff.

Business energy prices

Wholesale energy rates are currently 25% higher than they were a year ago, but not as high as the 50% we saw in September for gas and electricity costs. There are numerous factors that impact on what drives energy price hikes and you could look at our other blogs for insight.

Wholesale energy market

Coupled with the cold weather we see a continued volatile wholesale energy market projecting rises for the coming days. This means businesses will be hit by higher gas and electric prices going forward. Brokers procure over 20% of UK business energy and these brokers typically earn commission every time you turn your power on, built into the energy rates they source!

Switch energy suppliers

Around £500m is wasted by businesses paying too much for energy, according to the Competition and Markets Authority. But it’s not just brokers that can cost businesses money on energy. Those businesses that do not use a broker can struggle to find the best energy deal themselves. Or there are those who roll over with their incumbent energy supplier and can pay through the nose until switching suppliers.

Save on energy bills

Save on the energy you use and you save on energy costs. Simple measures make a big difference such as turning the thermostat down or turning lights off when leaving the building.

If your business energy renewal is during this winter period make sure you have plenty of time to renew and cancel your incumbent supplier. This will avoid going on deemed rates, which can cost up to 80% more than regular fixed energy rates.

Cheapest energy supplier

All of this makes for cold comfort. We are here to help you find the cheapest energy supplier.

We get a very modest flat-fee from the supplier for finding you a great deal. AND we disclose that fee to you up front. That’s why we are called troo – because we are honest and transparent.

We also work directly with energy suppliers – no intermediaries or middle men / women!

At least as it gets colder this winter that is some comfort for you. And at least we can guarantee some warmth on the end of the phone line, instead of the dreaded cold call from energy brokers.

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