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Saving Energy in the Office | Energy Strategy



Saving energy in the office

As part of our ongoing advice on energy strategy, we are going to take a look at saving energy in the office.

There are lots of simple actions you can take that won’t cost anything and can start saving money immediately. Some are obvious, but others may give you some pause for thought.

Office Layout

The layout of the office and where people sit needs consideration. We have all sat in offices that are too hot or too cold, and often this can be from individuals seated in the same office. Take a look around your office, if you have plugin heaters chances are it’s not very efficient.

The key here is staff seating and the position of radiators. What you ideally want is staff not too close or too far away from heaters. 

Doors and Windows

Cold air entering a building is a significant factor in saving business energy costs; addressing this could lead to 30% saving on heating costs. The key is making staff aware of the issue, make sure unused doors and flues are closed off, doors are not propped open, and staff are encouraged to reduce the temperature before opening a window.

Identifying all sources of draughts and fitting appropriate proofing is also a great idea.

Timer and Thermostats

Check that your timer’s settings are to the correct date and time, don’t be caught out by changes to British Summertime.

Checking thermostats’ temperature settings and sensors are in the right location are also essential. Heating costs increase by around 8% for every 1C increase in temperature, so getting this right is key to saving energy in the office. Turning down the heat by 2C would save £140 on a £1,000 bill. 

The recommended heating in offices is 19c and cooling set at 24c, what are the settings in your office? It’s worthwhile putting steps in place to ensure controls are secure and assigned, only to be changed by designated personnel.

Look at where your thermostats are positioned. In particular look to move if it is affected by direct sunlight, drafts or a direct heating source.

Air Conditioning

In the saving energy in the office fight, air conditioning (AC) is a nemesis that needs taming. AC can add as much as 100% to your energy bill, effectively doubling it, if not used correctly.

Make sure windows are closed when AC is in operation and if you need to open a window, turn the AC off. Look at AC in rooms that are partially occupied, i.e. meeting rooms, and make sure it’s off when they are not in use.

Saving energy in the office

Saving energy in the office isn’t necessarily about spending large sums on kit or new systems. A lot is about common sense regarding office layout, concerning heating sources, monitoring temperature levels. Most importantly having someone in control to keep monitoring and police your policy.

Why not give the team at troo a call on 0808 164 2222 who can give you some more sound advice on how to reduce costs in your business.

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