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Retailers and Salons: Reduce Business Energy Usage!



According to the Carbon Trust, a 20% cut in business energy costs represents the same profit savings as a 5% increase in sales. Put simply, reducing business energy usage literally pays dividends – especially for salons and retailers.

We are all aware of the effects climate change are having on the plant, and the added benefit of doing our bit to reduce global warming can only be a good thing. Reducing your energy consumption not only helps increase your bottom line, it also means you are doing your bit for the environment. At we appreciate that running your shop or salon is more than a full-time job. That’s why we have made comparing and switching energy tariffs so simple.

Switching business energy supplier is not the only thing you can do to save cash and, with that in mind, we have come up with some tips to help increase your bottom line.

Top Tips for Salons

Using the following tips will help ensure that your building is running as efficiently as possible:

– Switch to lower power, energy efficient lighting

– Fit occupancy sensors in back of house rooms that are infrequently used i.e. the staff room

– Make sure all your equipment is adequately maintained. According to the Carbon Trust, lights that are properly maintained can reduce lighting levels by 30% a year, a big cost saving.

– Keep an eye on the weather and adjust your inside temperature accordingly. Every degree higher or lower affects your bill by 8%!

– Ensure your doors are not always open by installing auto closing arms or an auto shutting door. You don’t want all that costly heating escaping onto the street.

– Look at times to reduce the temperature when the building is less occupied, i.e., before opening. If your building is big enough, set up zones within the building. Make it cooler at the front where customers enter and hotter at the back where staff and tills sit.

– Cooling and ventilation systems can be very costly to run so always make sure you use natural ventilation where possible, just open a window.

– Always make sure the cooling and heating are not working against themselves.

And finally, the biggest tip of all: make sure you compare business energy prices by using

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