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Energy management for business

Energy management for business is becoming a must-have, especially given the predicted severe economic outlook forecasted.

The Federation of Small Business states almost a third of small firms find the cost of energy is a barrier to growth. With the price of power for SMEs forecast to rise by 30% in the next five years, finding ways to mitigate these costs has become even more urgent.

Energy management for business tied into an energy strategy is a critical tool all SMEs should have to tackle these rising costs.

Energy Strategy 

Energy strategy sounds a little bit daunting; where do we start? Is it worth the effort? It doesn’t have to be over-complex; however, to gain significant benefits. There are lots of simple straight forward actions that won’t cost anything and can lead to immediate savings. There will already be a lot of things you are currently doing, but other ideas may be completely new. Detailing them into a plan, communicating the plan to staff and, very importantly, measuring your progress against that plan, will maximise any savings.

Detailing your energy management plan

Think about all the areas energy is used in your business, is the use of power-efficient? We at recommend you perform a simple energy audit of your premises detailing all the sources of power consumption.

An excellent place to start is a simple walk around your office, shop, factory, late in the day when everyone has left. What lights are still on? Is the heating still going? Is the air conditioning still active? All these are pieces of gold that will start you on the road of energy management and creating a strategy that delivers.

Take all this information gathered, the lights left on, the heating left on, the aircon still in use, document it, set targets and tasks for its reduction and most importantly make someone responsible. This last point is critical as, if nobody owns the actions, behaviours will quickly slip back to the old ways.

What should an energy management plan consider? 

There is not a right or wrong answer here, anything that will lead to more efficient power consumption, and reduce costs, need to be considered.

We would typically expect your list to include:

  • Lighting
  • Sensors
  • Timer and controls
  • Heating
  • Doors, windows and ventilation
  • Thermostats
  • Machinery maintenance
  • What equipment is plugged in and why

A lot of the savings are down to good old common sense.

Energy management for business – worth the effort?

Let’s talk about some numbers. For a company with a 5% profit margin over three years, a £500 saving makes the same profit as £30,000 extra sales. Can you afford not to take energy management for business seriously?

Combine an energy strategy with sensible purchasing policies, and you are onto a real winner. Why not give the guys at troo a call and we can talk you through how easy it can be to implement an energy strategy. Call 0808 164 2222

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