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Definition of insanity



“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” (Albert Einstein)

It’s easy to fall into a habit when it comes to energy purchasing.

How many of us follow this pattern: we turn up to work, we go through the same processes and behaviours and get surprised when we get the same results. We are all predisposed to do the same things, ingrained in our psyche as strong habits, most of us don’t think about what we are doing. How many of us even remember the drive home, what we ate for breakfast, did we reply to that email?

Now and then it pays to re-examine how we do things, lift your head up and look around and question: is this the best way? Can I do this quicker? Better? Smarter?

Making the same energy purchasing decisions?

The idea certainly applies to your energy purchasing decisions. We have made this one of the driving motivations of Through our years of experience in the energy industry, we realised there must be a better way to procure energy.

Most businesses know how much their direct costs are to the finest detail, but when it comes to overheads, the details can often run dry. This is when a host of consultants and brokers can muddy the water and pray upon the lack of knowledge, lack of time and confusion to make a quick buck. We believe that all businesses should be able to make decisions with the fullest knowledge available. What’s more, it should be a quick and simple process.

A lot of businesses blindly trust their consultant, a person they have often never met, sitting in a call centre far far away, and allow them to agree to long-term contracts and often grossly inflated rates. If this was a direct cost to the business would you let a consultant accept your supplier’s terms so readily for the next 1,2,3 years? However, when it comes to energy far too many do, which leads to a lot of businesses paying far too much.

A better way

There is a better way. At we give you all the tools you need to make the right decisions, from informing you what the wholesale market prices are to providing you with a comprehensive list of supplier base prices without any hidden charges. That’s why on average we save customers 30% against supplier and broker renewal rates.

Unlike any other broker or consultant, we fully disclose the fee we receive from a successful supplier upfront, in full.  As it’s the same fee from all suppliers, we are utterly impartial to who you may choose. We are unique in the procurement world as other consultants build in a margin to your rate meaning the more you use, the more you pay. Surely that can not be right? in a mad world one name you can trust to get you the very best energy prices.

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