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Covid-19: it’s time for businesses to stick together



Covid 19 : Business as usual?


No matter where you work or what you do, right now it’s business as unusual. There are tough times ahead. That’s why we’re offering our flagship service troo Assure free to all businesses for the next three months.

Thanks to Covid-19, businesses across the UK and around the world are adjusting to a new reality. Lockdown measures introduced to reduce the spread of Covid-19 are putting many businesses out of business and forcing others to furlough staff and cut operating costs fast. Charities are facing a £4bn shortfall in their funding, and even churches are being bailed out by the Church of England.


Covid-19 has caused a major drop in business activity. Some economists argue that, without government intervention, businesses and charities would be facing not just a recession but a depression worse than the Great Depression of the 1920s.

It’s a frightening time for all of us. In B2B services, we often talk about ‘businesses’ and forget that these organisations are built by individuals. People already worrying about relatives with major health challenges that put them in the vulnerable category, or who may themselves be facing health issues. Many are getting to grips with remote working and homeschooling at the same time. Personal and professional anxieties are high, and the lines between the two are blurring.

Here at troo, we can’t provide meals for NHS workers or help manufacture badly-needed PPE, offer childminding services or provide educational resources for students.

But we can offer up our expertise to any businesses and charities looking to cut costs and save vital time.

That’s why our flagship service troo Assure is FREE to all businesses for the next three months to help you get through the Covid-19 outbreak

Troo Assure is our friendly like-energy-insurance-but-not-energy-insurance service for businesses and charities. It’s there to watch your back when things go wrong… and right now things are really wrong.

Here’s how troo Assure can help your organisation through this Covid-19 pandemic:

1. Bill checking – to make sure you’re being charged the right amount for your energy

When you need to account for every penny, even a slight overcharge can cause you problems. We’ll make sure you pay exactly the right amount for your energy.

2. Bill analysis – to make sure you’re receiving all the VAT, CCL and other tax discounts you’re entitled to

Most of the charities we work with don’t know how much they should really be paying for their energy. We’ll make sure you’re paying the right VAT and that you’re receiving a Climate Change Levy exemption.

3. Cost recovery service – to make sure your energy supplier gives you a refund

If your energy supplier owes you money, we’ll help you get it back in your bank account. And, if your charity has overpaid on VAT and CCL, we can help you recover that money, too. Charities’ energy VAT claims can be backdated up to four years.

4. Supplier liaison – we’ll solve problems so you can focus on your business

If you’re having a problem with your energy supplier, pass it along to our team and we’ll solve the problem for you while you get on with your day. We work with energy suppliers every day. We’ll get it done faster.

5. Meter connections and disconnections – helping your business change and grow

Businesses are changing fast, but it isn’t always easy to have meters disconnected or connected to the network. We’ll coordinate with you, your supplier and the network so the work gets done as fast as possible.

6. Energy efficiency advice – help for you and your team so you can go green and make lasting savings

Improving your organisation’s energy efficiency is a sure way to make long-term savings on costs. Use our ‘train the trainer’ service, or our digital resources.

7. KVA analysis – to identify new (and potentially big) savings

A KVA analysis makes sure that your organisation has been allocated the right energy network resources. Use too much energy and you’ll receive a financial penalty. We’ll make sure your KVA allowance is at the right level so you can reduce or even eliminate this cost.

8. Compliance – advice on ESOS, SECR and any other reporting and regulatory requirements

Confused by the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme and Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting? Our experts can help if you’re unsure how ESOS and your other reporting responsibilities fit with Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting.

Troo was founded for a purpose: to transform the business energy market and help businesses get a fairer deal. That purpose is more important than ever.

If you’re interested in troo Assure and how we can help you cut your overheads as you face up to Covid-19, sign up here.

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