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Looking to get the best value out of your business energy contract? troo assure it.

Getting a great price from the troocost team is only the first part; however, your supplier relationship may last several years who is watching your back regards business? that’s where troo assure kicks in.

With troo, the troocost team ensures you have a clear point of contact that proactively looks after your business energy needs. In a world that has ever-increasing demands on your time, troo assure means business energy is something you relax about, safe in the knowledge our team of experts is watching your back.

Troo Assure also includes things like:

  • Bill checking to make sure you’re paying the right amount, and let you know if your energy supplier owes you money.
  • Bill analysis to make sure your energy supplier is giving your organisation the correct VAT and CCL discounts and tax breaks.
  • Cost recovery help so you can claim back and recover any money owed by your energy supplier, including any VAT and CCL you shouldn’t have paid.
  • New meters and supplier liaison so you can focus on your business.
  • Energy efficiency advice from our team to help you make long-term savings.
  • KVA analysis to help you find new (and potentially significant) savings on your bills.
  • Compliance advice on ESOS, SECR and other regulatory frameworks.

Business Energy experts on demand

Troo assure means you have a team of business energy experts on hand should any problems occur throughout your contract. 

We expect certain things from our business energy suppliers, like being able to contact them when we need to and clear utility bills we can understand. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and anyone who has received an incorrect bill/estimate had a supply issue or wants a query answered, can end up in a rabbit warren. A recent Ofgem survey suggests only circa 25% would recommend their electricity supplier with not many more recommending their gas supplier. With scores as low as these, it’s clear business energy customers need more from their suppliers, troo assure is here to ensure they get it.

Troo assure watching your back as well as your pocket

At troocost we believe in excellent customer service, and that goes beyond just finding you a competitive price on business energy. We have deep relationships with all of the suppliers we deal with, allowing us to solve any query fast. That means we can take any problem off your hands, allowing you to do what you do best, run your business. 

And dont take our word for it, with a Trustpilot score ranked as excellent and a glowing bank of testimonials, we do a lot more than save you money. We actively take your business energy problems away while proactively making sure they don’t happen. We are on your side fighting your corner.

Troo assure

Want the peace of mind that your business energy needs are covered, and the confidence someone is proactively watching your back? Call troocost team now on 0808 164 2222 for a chat on how we can help

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