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Energy Supplier Complaints



What do you do when it all goes wrong? We take a look at business energy supplier complaints processes below.

Energy supplier complaints are extremely common. Hundreds of people complain to and about their business energy supplier every day of the week.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to complain to your business energy supplier. Here at troo, we make your work life a little easier: our Troo Assure service takes all the hassle out of dealing with suppliers, whether you’re having billing problems, are relocating your business, or even just need to make general complaints and queries.

But if you’re not lucky enough to be a troo customer, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of business energy suppliers and their contact details to help you save time when you need to get in touch with them.

Complain to your business energy supplier

How to complain to your business energy supplier:

Complain to Ampower

Ampower is one of the fastest growing energy suppliers in the UK. Serving business as well as residential customers, Ampower follows a three-step complaints procedure when things go wrong. Their information is transparent and also includes links to the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Energy Ombudsman.


Complain to AvantiGas

AvantiGas is one of the UK’s leading suppliers in off-grid energy solutions to homes and businesses. Their complaints service is confidential and operated by their Quality and Resolution Team. When complaining to AvantiGas, you should expect your complaint to be acknowledged within one working day and a full response within five working days.


Complain to BES Utilities

BES Utilities provides commercial gas and electricity contracts that are straightforward and competitive. BES Utilities aims to resolve complaints at the first point of contact wherever possible. In addition to the communications methods outlined below, you can also arrange face to face meetings by appointment.


Complain to British Gas

British Gas is the UK’s largest domestic energy supplier, and it serves a good chunk of the UK’s businesses, too. Their complaints page has lots of different options because they serve so many customers in so many different ways. There is no live chat available, however correspondence addresses are provided if you wish to complain in writing.

  • British Gas complaints page – click here
  • Telephone: 0333 331 8889 for small and medium enterprises, 0333 130 5715 for industrial and commercial businesses
  • Email: for small and medium enterprises, for industrial and commercial businesses
  • Live chat: No
  • Citizens Advice Bureau: Yes
  • Energy Ombudsman: Yes
  • Ofgem: Yes


Complain to Bulb

Bulb provides simpler, cheaper and greener business energy with no exit fees and no long contracts. They are the UK’s fastest growing energy company. Unlike many other energy suppliers, Bulb is completely transparent about the number and volume of complaints they receive every business quarter.


Complain to Corona Energy

Corona Energy has been one of the UK’s leading independent gas and electricity suppliers for over 20 years. They provide energy to thousands of customers in the UK. As part of their complaints information, they provide contact details and links for both the Energy Ombudsman and the Citizens Advice Bureau.


Complain to Crown Gas and Power

Crown Gas and Power has been supplying gas to UK businesses since 2001. They offer a no-hassle switching service, AMR installations, and an online customer portal. Their customer services teams are based in Manchester. Like other energy suppliers, Crown Gas and Power follow a three-step complaints procedure.


Complain to D-EENERGi

Established in 2002, D-ENERGi has positioned itself as an alternative to the so-called Big Six energy suppliers in the UK. Specialising in B2B energy, D-ENERGi follows a three-step complaints procedure and has operators on hand from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. All complaints information is available in a PDF accessed from their Customer Zone.


Complain to EDF

EDF is one of the largest suppliers of energy to UK businesses. They have a large customer services department, that aims to resolve complaints within two working days. Escalating your complaint will then put you in touch with the complaints team.


Complain to ENGIE

ENGIE is a leading energy and services company focused on the production and supply of low carbon energy, services and generation. ENGIE provides energy to businesses across the UK. Their complaints page provides specific information for microbusinesses as well as contact details for the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Energy Ombudsman.


Complain to E.ON

E.ON is one of the UK’s largest energy suppliers. It is known primarily as a domestic energy supplier, but the company also has a substantial business energy division. Like Bulb, E.ON track and report on how many complaints they have received and resolved in a business period.


Complain to Gazprom Energy

Gazpro Energy is a leading and award-winning supplier of gas and electricity to businesses across the UK. Gazprom Energy provides clear information about their complaints procedure and provides links to arbitration services like Citizens Advice Bureau and the Energy Ombudsman. They have also published their professional standards.


Complain to Haven Power

Haven Power is part of Drax Group and is a specialist business energy provider. Their complaints process is fully transparent, and they aim to resolve complaints within one working day. Their complaints procedure allows for complaints to be escalated up from the customer services team to more senior members of the Haven Power team.


Complain to npower

npower is one of the UK’s six biggest energy supplier. They are well-known as a domestic energy supplier, but they also supply a substantial number of UK businesses. While they do not allow customers to contact their customer services team by email, a live chat function is provided on the npower website.


Complain to Opus Energy

Opus Energy is a specialist business energy provider serving over 368,000 UK premises. Like Haven Power, it is part of Drax Group and the energy they provide is 100% renewable. In addition to contact details for their complaints team, they also publish a complaints charter and their standards of conduct.


Complain to Ørsted

Ørsted is a renewable energy company that aims to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. They provide energy to a number of UK businesses. Ørsted provides a telephone number and email address where customers can complain in a PDF linked from their general contact page.


Complain to Scottish Power

Scottish Power is one of the biggest energy companies in the UK and provides energy to over 5 million households and businesses. As a result, Scottish Power’s complaints website is large and there are lots of ways to complain. We have highlighted the contact details given in the small business section and provided a link to the primary complaints page.


Complain to Shell Energy

Shell Energy provides business customers with affordable, clean and simple renewable energy solutions. Their complaints page is easy to understand and comprehensive, with full contact details and a list of possible outcomes. They also provide Ofgem’s guidance to micro businesses, as well as links to the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Energy Ombudsman.


Complain to SmartestEnergy

SmartestEnergy was established in 2001 and is helping businesses transition to net-zero around the world. A large part of SmartestEnergy’s business customer base in the UK has come from the recent acquisition of Dual Energy so we have provided the contact details provided for this base.


Complain to SSE

SSE produces, distributes and supply electricity and gas, as well as other energy-related services. SSE aims to resolve complaints at the first point of contact and by 8pm on the first working day after they receive your complaint, whether that complaint arrives by telephone, email, or letter.


Complain to Total Gas & Power

Total Gas & Power is one of the leading energy suppliers to industrial, commercial and business customers within the UK. It is part of the Total Group and has been supplying electricity since 2001. Total Gas & Power follows a five-step complaints procedure and provides links to the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Energy Ombudsman.


Complain to United Gas & Power

United Gas & Power is a business energy supplier based in Yorkshire that aims to put customer service at the heart of its organisation. United Gas & Power provides an online contact form where businesses can make complaints and book callbacks from their customer service team.


Energy supplier complaints aren’t easy

Making a complaint to your energy supplier isn’t easy. No matter how many steps Ofgem takes to regulate the complaints procedure, some suppliers still insist on making their contact details hard to find on their website.

Once you do find the right details, there’s no guarantee you’ll have an easy journey through their telephone system, or get a non-automated response to your email within three working days.

And there’s certainly no guarantee your complaint will be resolved.

There is an easier way

When you become a troo customer, we take all this time-consuming, money-stealing administrative work off your hands.

We work with business energy suppliers every day. It’s what we do best. And all of our customers benefit from Troo Assure, our friendly like-insurance-but-not-insurance business energy service.

With Troo Assure, you get help with:

  • Billing issues and overpayments, including help recovering money
  • Help with Climate Change Levy exemptions and other charges that can leave you paying more than you should
  • Energy efficiency advice and support – so you pay less, forever

Here at troo, we believe that all businesses need access to this kind of cash-saving service – and we’re on a mission to make sure you get it.

Book a callback from our team by emailing and let’s see how much time and money we can help you save – now, and in the future.

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