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About troo.

a fairer way to pay for your energy…

Businesses just like yours are paying too much for business energy every day

Business energy is a cost you can’t avoid, but you shouldn’t pay over the odds for it.

With the way things are, unscrupulous energy brokers hide their commission fees in your unit rates, so you end up paying far more than you need to. That’s £500m lost a year from UK businesses alone… and some people think that’s a conservative estimate.

Troo is a new breed of energy broker, on a mission to shake-up business energy

Other energy brokers won’t tell you how much sales commission they’re adding to your unit rates, and they won’t tell you how much their service costs.

Here at troo, we do things differently.

We are energy experts, helping businesses save money, time and hassle renewing business energy contracts.

We find businesses competitive prices from the very best energy suppliers and provide all of our clients with significant business energy management through troo Assure, our friendly like-energy-insurance-but-not-energy-insurance service.

Troo Assure provides everything from bill checking and analysis, to cost recovery help (including VAT and CCL overpayments), new meter and supplier liaison, energy efficiency advice, KVA analysis and compliance advice.

And Troo is transparent, never hiding fees and always disclosing service costs. You always know exactly how much your business energy really costs, so you can always choose the right deal for your business.

That’s how we hand the power back to you.

How to get fairer business energy with troo

Our simple service can mean some big savings. Here’s how it works:

1. Send us a couple of bits of information often found on your bill
2. Our experts will find the fairest energy deals from our partner energy suppliers
3. You’ll receive our recommended contracts and choose your new energy contracts – then you’re all set!

It couldn’t be simpler.

Email troo’s business energy experts today at, or call us free on 0808 164 2222. Alternatively, book a callback.

Compare prices

using a broker…

Switch to troo.
  • Their commission fee is hidden in your unit rate.
  • Your supplier is chosen for you based on what’s best for your broker.
  • Other brokers may be involved, therefore double inflating your price
  • The more energy you use, the more your broker earns.
  • Costs you 8%-40% of unit rate.

using troo…

Here’s why troo is better.
  • We always disclose the commission we receive from the supplier.
  • You get full information on deals available and choose what’s best for you.
  • You see a clear process and transparent costs.
  • We help you save even more money with free energy advice.
  • We don’t use other brokers to provide you with prices, so there are no secret added costs.

why troo?

Save money.

Benchmark your business energy renewal price.

Save time.

Check a range of suppliers at the click of a button.

Save hassle.

We do all the work so you don't have to.