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Troo wins innovation award

Founders travel a long road to success. Andrew Lynch introduces 2019’s Maserati 100 list of innovative entrepreneurs.

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Benchmarking business set to save British businesses millions


BRITISH businesses spend a whopping £500million a year on over-priced energy deals, often because they fail to shop around.

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troo launches business energy pricer

14 February 2019

Business energy benchmarking specialist troo has launched a new, free platform which allows businesses to compare the price of their current energy bills.

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Energy comparison startup launches pricing platform

13 February 2019

A business energy benchmarking startup in Newcastle has launched a pricing tool to help reduce the £500m that companies reportedly overspend annually.

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North East Times magazine

As a new name in the utilities sector, Troocost has set out its ambitions to redefine the whole industry with its transparent approach to pricing. Deborah Busby meets its founder and chief executive, Andrew Richardson, who explains…

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