Troo: Mansfield Town’s Preferred Energy Partner and Catalyst for Local Business Growth

Troo is thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with Mansfield Town, where we step in as the club’s bronze partner. Troo brings not just energy solutions but a unique customer-focused experience, and we’re committed to fostering sustainability and supporting local businesses in Mansfield.

At Troo, our dedicated five-star customer success team is here to guide you through every step of your business energy journey. From resolving supplier queries to ensuring accurate billing and finding the best time to renew your energy contract, our wrap-around service is designed to put your needs first.

Our collaboration with Mansfield Town goes beyond sponsorship. Together, we’ve significantly reduced One Call Stadium’s energy consumption, showcasing our joint commitment to minimising environmental impact and embracing sustainable practices.

B2B Networking Event

In February 2024, Troo and Mansfield Town are proud to host a B2B Networking Event, demonstrating our dedication to expanding opportunities within the local business community. This event is a platform for businesses to connect, explore growth possibilities, and build lasting relationships.

As Troo’s partner manager, I am delighted to see Troo become Mansfield Town’s preferred energy partner. Our bespoke solutions, combined with the exceptional support from Michael Bradley, the club’s commercial manager, have resulted in substantial savings. We are committed to providing advice, navigating energy complexities, and offering favorable contract options in today’s dynamic energy market.

Working with Troo has been a seamless experience, according to Michael Bradley, the commercial manager at Mansfield Town. The partnership not only led to cost savings but also opened avenues for additional income, culminating in Troo becoming a proud sponsor of the Stags.

Join Mansfield Town and Troo at the Networking Event on February 29, 2024, where we aim to bring local businesses together for collaboration, cost reduction, and community engagement. Key topics include managing energy use, upskilling, and nurturing future talent.

Event Itinerary:

  • 09:00 Doors Open and Refreshments
  • 09:30 Welcome Address by Michael Bradley, Mansfield Town FC
  • 09:40 Managing Energy Use, Carbon Emissions, and Costs by Mark Boyce, Troo Ltd
  • 09:50 Upskilling & Nurturing Future Talent by Janine Bramley, West Notts College
  • 10:00 Attendee’s Opportunity to Introduce their Business
  • 10:10 Networking Session
  • 10:50 Closing Address by Michael Bradley
  • 10:55 Photo Opportunities
  • 11:15 Event Ends

Invitation to the Business Community

Troo extends a warm invitation to suppliers and business contacts to attend the Networking Event. Register your attendance here and join us in making a positive impact on local businesses and the environment.

At Troo, we’re not just an energy partner; we’re a catalyst for positive change and sustainable growth in the Mansfield community.