The Energy Bills Discount Scheme (EBDS) to provide greater support for “Trade Intensive Industries” (ETIIs)

The government launched their registration gateway for businesses to apply for additional levels of support under the EBDS scheme – the deadline for applications is 24th July 2023. 

How Does the EBDS work?

The scheme comes with multiple bands of support to allow businesses within “vulnerable” energy-intensive industries to access a higher level of support than lower-energy consuming entities.

The EBDS base level provides some modest support to eligible non-domestic Great Britain and Northern Ireland customers on their energy bills. It’s worth noting that the EBDS baseline discount is significantly lower than the previous EBRS discount, and the support will be applied automatically.

The next band of support is the Energy and Trade Intensive Industries (ETII) discount, which provides a higher level of support to industries that rely heavily on energy use. Organisations can qualify for ETII support if at least 50% of their revenue comes from UK-based activities within a qualifying energy-intensive sector.

Check the list of qualifying energy-intensive industries to see if you’re eligible by clicking here.

How to Apply

To apply for the discount you must apply through the BEIS gateway. You can view examples and information provided on the required data by clicking here. Additionally, BEIS offers templates to help you complete your application which can be found on the same website.

Once you submit your application, the government will assess your eligibility and communicate directly with your supplier. Following this, your supplier will apply the discount to your billing statement.

Please Remember:  Support is not automatic – you must apply. The deadline is 24th July 2023.

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