Reducing your business energy costs

One of the best ways to cut costs for your business overheads is by reducing the amount of energy that your business uses. If you don’t already consider the ways you can reduce usage, now might be a great time to start.

Lowering your energy bills is a no-brainer, it can free up money that you can reinvest elsewhere in your business. Energy efficiency will also help you to reduce your carbon footprint which is great for the planet and helps you to meet energy consumption targets.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you along the way.

  1. Replace incandescent lightbulbs with LED

Replacing incandescent lighting with LEDs is an example of where a small change can make a big difference. LED lighting produces less waste light than other bulbs and lighting solutions.

If you were to replace all of the lighting in your business with LEDs, you could see an improvement in energy savings and consumption of as much as 50%-90%. By reducing CO2 emissions and efficiency LEDs will cut energy consumption within the business, and can save the company enough to cover the price of upgrading in a matter of months.

2. Turn computers and lights off properly over the weekend

Turning reception lighting and office computers off instead of leaving them on standby after working hours will reduce your consumption. There is no reason to have them on if there is no one there.

Are your staff aware of their responsibility to turn off the lights and computers when they leave? How can you encourage them to turn the lights off as well as make sure computers are off not just in sleep mode?

Switching your computer off out of hours and enabling standby features can reduce the cost of running to less than £10 a year and prolong the equipment’s lifespan. 

3. Rally your team to help you save

Make sure everyone is following your lead and being energy efficient, by reminding and empowering people to act.

Changing behaviours is not always an easy task but there are ways to get employees involved and engaged to begin saving energy in the workplace.

Marketing material can be a great reminder around the office of ways to save energy, you could even get staff involved in creating an energy policy, but remember to communicate why it is important.

4. Know your business energy use and waste.

Troo can help you with this.

Troo Insight is an essential tool that helps you to understand your business energy performance. It provides insightful analytics each week, which gives you complete visibility of your energy use and any potential savings you could be making. 

Troo Insight allows you to set targets to reduce energy consumption and will also calculate your carbon footprint. It will help you as a business owner plan your sustainability strategy to Net-Zero, as well as reduce overall energy usage and costs.

Contact us to learn more about Troo Insight and to have access to your real-time energy usage right across your business. We will put the power firmly back in your hands. Get in touch now