Meet the Team: Troo Partnerships Division

At Troo, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience across diverse business sectors, positioning us as seasoned experts in navigating the intricate outlook of business energy solutions.

Our dedicated Partnership Team is comprised of industry professionals who understand the nuances of the business world. These individuals bring a wealth of expertise to the table, ensuring that your organisation receives top-notch guidance and support. Through our strategic partnerships, we aim to empower your business with cost-effective and environmentally conscious energy solutions, enabling you to stay ahead in an ever-evolving market.

We spoke to our team members to give you a sneak peek into how Troo supports business owners and communities across the UK.

Could you give us an overview of Troo’s approach to cultivating partnerships with sector bodies and businesses?

Our approach is very pro-active. We are constantly seeking opportunities to collaborate with new partners, often focussing on specific sectors of interests, whether that be sport or industry based. This is done in various ways, from cold-calling to customer referrals, social media activity to promoting case studies of existing partners and the value we add to their business.

Can you share some examples of successful partnerships Troo has established within various sectors?

One of our great success stories has been our partnership with the golfing world. Both Scottish Golf Club Management and Lothian Club Management Association came on board after discussion with our Troo Sport golfing aficionado, Paul Davidson. Already, we have supported many clubs to look at their budgets and decide what is the best course of action for them in terms of procuring their energy and water. And the better the budgeting, the more positive the impact on membership fees!

How does Troo provide energy solutions to address the challenges encountered by different industries?

We have a team of highly experienced people on the partnership division, all of who can identify specific needs of each individual customer. On a daily basis we encounter different and unique challenges in an array of industries – from metering issues to procurement confusion to energy management knowledge. The partnership team works closely with the energy management team to ensure the customer always get the correct advice and support in all aspects of their utility requirements.

Can you describe a recent networking event or sponsorship Troo participated in, and the outcomes achieved?

The partner team worked with a football club to help them organise their first B2B Networking Event.  We engaged with the local college (which the club already had academic links with) who helped promote the event, and it resulted in all parties gaining new business.  Troo were introduced to the clubs sponsors and provided help with energy contracts and the club gained new sponsors through the new businesses coming on board.

An example of our sponsorship outreach is working with a rugby club – they have introduced Troo to their sponsors and are promoting our services as we reduced their energy usage and costs and we are now actively working on their sustainability commitments. 

What are some common challenges encountered when forging partnerships with sector bodies and businesses, and how does Troo navigate these obstacles?

There has been a historical ‘trust issue’ within an industry that has had a poor reputation, with businesses often sceptical to utilise brokers. Also, keeping a partnership ‘alive’ can prove to be challenging, as priorities often change. We navigate these challenges simply by building solid and lasting relationships so that proposed partners can feel confident in the team and fully trust their guidance and advice.

In what ways do Troo’s partnerships contribute to the growth and success of the businesses and sector bodies it collaborates with?

What we are able to do as a partnership team is give businesses confidence that they are fully aware of their current position and projected position when it comes to the energy market. This gives businesses the ability to budget. Also, our partnership referral process actually creates an additional revenue stream for businesses who recommend others.

Looking ahead, what are some of the key goals for Troo’s partnership team in supporting sector bodies and businesses with their energy needs?

We want to strengthen our existing partner base by continuing to provide the level of service our partners have become used to. We also want to develop relationships and grow further, bringing more key valuable partners on board to we can expand the net of those we share our insight and expertise with.

What do you find most rewarding about your role in building relationships through partnerships?

The sense of reward and achievement we get when providing a partner with great service. This is often manifest in positive on-line reviews and a real personal interaction between our people and customers, meaning they become more than just a business at the end of a phone.

Finally, if you could sum up Troo’s partnership team’s ethos in one sentence, what would it be?

Working together effectively and professionally, driving towards the same goal, with the customer’s interest always the priority.

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