How to Read your Business Electricity Meter

Many businesses now have smart electricity meters that will send meter readings from your business directly to your supplier. If you do not have a smart reader it is important to know how to read your electricity meter manually. Read on to find out how:

Single rate electricity meter:

The single-rate electricity meter is a small, white meter. The display is straightforward with one set of numbers that are digitally displayed across the meter. Reading from left to right, write down the first five numbers you see including any zeros, and ignore any numbers after the decimal point, or which may show in red.

Two-rate/electronic electricity meter:

The two-rate electricity meter is very similar to the single rate meter. The main difference being there are two rows of numbers.

Looking from left to right, make note of the first five digits in each row including any zeros, and ignore any numbers after the decimal point, or which may be shown in red. For the electronic meter just press the blue button to change the screen display.

Make sure you write down all the numbers from left to right, including any zeros but ignoring any after the decimal points. Remember, when you submit your business electricity meter readings to your supplier you will need to provide two separate readings. Be sure to know which reading is which so you give your supplier the right readings for the right meter.

Dial rate electricity meter:

At first glance, the dial rate meter looks like a confusing and complicated arrangement of dials, but it’s much easier to read than you may think. When looking at the meter, you’ll see six different circular dials.

To accurately read the meter, you need only pay attention to the first five dials. (the sixth dial is usually red in colour – you can ignore this dial).

Reading the dials from left to right, make a note of the number that each pointer is aimed towards.

If the dial is pointing between two different numbers, write down the lowest of the two numbers to ensure greater accuracy.

We can help you

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