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Everything we do is transparent. We don’t hide commission in unit rates. Our online benchmarking service is totally free to customers to use. If they do choose to work with us we gain a modest fee (which we disclose upfront) from the supplier. We’ll let you know that fee, which ranges depending on energy consumption and amount of meters. It starts at £50 per annum. A typical broker deal (should that be your method of procurement) is not disclosed upfront but hidden in the unit rate.
There are other differences too, we don’t have preferential supplier rates, where there is the incentive for a broker to push you towards a supplier that provides them the best commission.

We work with all the major suppliers … simple as that. And we work with them directly not via an intermediary or sub broker. We are still in the process of setting up a relationship with EON and edf but that is advancing. Our CEO has 20 years industry experience, so our relationships are well embedded. Sadly, there are a few suppliers we prefer not to work with as we don’t find their tactics or approach particularly ethical. troo is all about being fair and ensuring you are in control of your energy bill, putting the power back in your hands.

When your business energy contract is due to end, your energy supplier can (and will) automatically sign you up to a new contract, known as a ‘rollover’ contract, or sometimes called an Evergreen / Automatic Renewal. You need to cancel it within a set time period or you could end up paying higher energy prices than necessary and being unaware it is happening. Our troo guides help you navigate this.

Our friendly troo guides support you through this, but we DON’T badger or cold-call you. We simply set a reminder to get in touch with you when it’s time to renew your energy contracts. Your troo guide will contact you 180 days prior to your contract ending, to identify the best prices for you.

A Letter of Authority commonly called an LOA, requests information from your existing or new supplier such as contract end dates, renewal prices etc. troo requires an LOA on your behalf, meaning we can handle the switch process for you, making life easier, allowing you to focus on your day jobs.

It typically takes suppliers up to 31 days to complete the transfer of supply, however if everything goes without a snag, this can be done sometimes as quick as 10 days.

The transfer is seamless, and your energy won’t be cut off through switching. We’ll keep you up to date if there are any issues with the switch process. If you have any concerns or queries our troo guides can support, you.

There are only 3 reasons why your current supplier would object to you transferring your supply

  • Incorrect Meter info – the meter that is being applied for is not the correct meter
  • The contract end date is wrong – the meter is applied for too early meaning the current contract will not have finished.
  • Outstanding balance – your current supplier will not let you leave if there is a balance owed

These are unique reference numbers for gas and electricity supplies.

MPAN: Your ‘metering point administration number’ is located on your electricity bill and relates to your electricity supply. It typically has a large S at the beginning and is 21-digits long

MPRN: Your ‘meter point reference number’ is located on your gas bill and relates to your gas supply. It’s sometimes referred to as an ‘M number’ and uniquely identifies your gas meter.

Our website shows you what these look like if you go to benchmark for free.