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Business Energy Supplier Index 2020.

The Business Energy Supplier Index 2020

The Business Energy Supplier Index 2020 was published on 16 September 2020. Researched, written and refined over a period of 12 months, it was an extensive and independent review and analysis of more than 40 UK business energy suppliers based on publicly available and published information on company websites, Companies House, and industry news sites.

It was intended to be a celebration of the top energy suppliers in the UK and featured the top quartile best in class companies. The Index was designed to promote greater transparency in the energy industry and help business consumers make more informed decisions about their choice of supplier. It ranked suppliers across metrics including financial stability, customer service, and sustainability – all issues that are important to consumers, and all issues that the industry has struggled to address.

Unfortunately, the fact that our index was meant to be a celebration of the top UK energy suppliers may not have been immediately apparent and interpreted as such by everyone. Following feedback, we’ve removed the Index from our website whilst under review, before we refine and republish at a later date.