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We empower you to see what a good business energy rate looks like through our benchmarking platform which you can use as a ready-check. We disclose our no-obligation fee up-front and don't harass cold call. Plus, we don't hide commission in supplier rates.

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what people say…

Andrew Richardson’s reputation speaks for itself in terms of business energy procurement. We value his team’s input as we know they are experts in their area and trust their advice.

The fact troo’s reasonable fee was disclosed up-front in a transparent way is a great testament to their business ideology. The values reflected ours, meaning we were very happy to do business with them. Honesty is a great asset and a great brand strength for any business.

The troo team undertook the process on our behalf making it totally hassle-free. We have enough on our plates and the last thing we want to be doing as a team is searching for good energy deals. So why not give the job to experts that you know will get a fair deal and will be true to their word… Switching business energy provider has never been easier.

Karl Pemberton, Active Chartered Financial Planners

“We have a great alliance with troo who offered us a fantastic opportunity to save on our energy bill costs. troo gave us advice on how to secure a fair and really well-priced energy tariff. It’s important to manage our costs and we were supported all the way. They also fully disclosed their modest fee secured from the supplier. We knew it was a fair deal as they do not hide commission or get an uplift and do not have preferred suppliers.”

Tom Bulmer, Marketing Manager, Darlington Mowden Park

“troo did exactly what they said they would, completely hassle-free and saved us an unbelievable 40% compared to our current rates.”

“I would recommend anyone looking to save some cash on their energy renewals to give them a go.”

Danny Boyd, Managing Director McKenzie Meats

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